How To Ride

To start a ride, scan the QR code on the vehicle or manually enter the four to five-digit code written beneath the QR code. Press "Unlock". Once the clock starts, manually kick-push the vehicle like you would a non-electric scooter to get it moving, then press down on the throttle. From there, the vehicle will be fully electric. Repeat the kick-push process if at any point you come to a complete stop.

After your ride is complete, use your brakes gradually to lessen the speed then step off the vehicle and open the app on your phone. To end your ride, tap 'End Ride' and take a photo of your parked vehicle.

You can also step out of your vehicle to pause your trip and lock your vehicle using the combination lock with the code shown on your phone to bring your coffee or even finish a meeting or lecture then unlock it again using the lock in your phone and the lock combination attached to the vehicle itself.